I’m Thankful

Posted on November 27, 2013


I’m thankful when the plane lands safely and on time – especially when our daughter is on board.

I’m thankful for great southern cooks like my wife, who does turkey, dressing (don’t call it stuffing), squash casserole, ambrosia and pumpkin pie with the best of them.

I’m thankful for all of my clients, especially those who pay in the same season in which they receive my invoice.

I’m thankful for our pastor, who isn’t bashful about proclaiming his love of golf, the Bulldogs and our savior, not exactly in that order, of course.

I’m thankful for the view out my window and the excited exclamation of the rare golfer who makes a putt longer than 5 feet.

I’m thankful when we get a free popcorn and Coke after patronizing the same theater 20 times. That saves me at least $25.

I’m thankful my job allows me talk to unforgettable characters like the late Ken Venturi. My interview with Venturi a year before he died, when he told the story of winning the Open at Congressional in 1964, was a thrill.

I’m thankful for my Kindle, which goes anywhere and has tripled the number of books I read in a year.

I’m thankful for the occasional drive that goes straight, the putt that drops and the ball that caroms off a tree and into the fairway.

I’m thankful for the client who finishes reading the draft of her speech and says, “That’s exactly what I wanted to say.”

I’m thankful for the gas station that appears long after the warning light but before I have to start walking.

I’m thankful for friends who remember my birthday without having to be reminded by Facebook or LinkedIn.

I’m thankful for Steve Hartman’s “On the Road” segments on Friday’s CBS evening news. 

I’m thankful for the remote control every time any reality show or local news program slithers onto the screen.   

I’m thankful for Pat Conroy and that he’s still churning out books. But, please, just one more like you used to write ’em.

I’m thankful for Furman Bisher, who invented ‘I’m Thankful’ and who gets ripped off every year at this time.


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