53rd Week? Not for Me

Posted on April 8, 2013


Augustans who run businesses that attract hungry, thirsty and sleepy golf fans and those who own houses they rent while they go on expense-paid vacations call this the “53rd Week.” Masters week is a golf-induced jolt to the local economy that can make a good year a great one for any number of businesses in Georgia’s second-largest city.

But Masters week does nothing for my business. In fact, it’s a drain on productivity and earnings rivaled but not surpassed by the real 52nd week, the one between Christmas and New Years.

I’ll do my best to go about business as usual. But my efforts will be halfhearted. Morning Drive on Golf Channel is already doing live shots from Augusta National, where the birds are chirping, and we’re told, Tiger is lurking.

Hard not to sneak over to GolfChannel.com and the other websites to see what news might be coming out of practice rounds and news conferences today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne will surely have something to say about the ban on anchoring at his annual state of the Masters conference. Will Bubba drive down Magnolia Lane in his new hovercraft?

Then, come Thursday morning, it’s all over. Might as well shut down the global headquarters of BMC. After the ceremonial tee shots are struck, how do you not want to know who’s playing well, who grabs the early lead, if Rory continues to break out of his slump, if that 14-year-old kid can break 80 under this pressure and if there’s a Condi sighting on the grounds?

Friday is moving day, all right. By Friday afternoon I’ll have moved to the couch in front of the big screen.

The 53rd week is murder on my business, but it’s a small price to pay for the best week in golf.

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