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Zuckerberg warming up to speaking role

March 31, 2011


After a couple of unpolished, rambling public speaking forays, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg succumbed to some professional coaching. He’s now much better, as his appearance on Saturday Night Live proved. Microsoft “technical evangelist” Robert Scoble says this about his transformation, “It’s like swimming in cold water. At first when you jump in you just aren’t able […]

Masters gets journalistic juices going too

March 26, 2011


The Masters not only signals the start of the golf season for many of us, but also seems to get writers’ juices going too. A toast (beer in a generic green paper cup will do just fine) to Dave Shedloski and Chris Millard for stirring the memories with their excellent reporting of that bright spring […]

Saving Newspapers – Give iPads

March 24, 2011


As a former newspaper guy, I’m all for ideas to save a withering species. Here are a few ideas from Optimedia US CEO Antony Young, starting with “Give away 100 million iPads. I’m serious. Make tablets ubiquitous in schools, fast-food restaurants, bus stops, trains, planes, libraries — anywhere that people have downtime to spare. Get […]

E-mail now email, according to AP

March 21, 2011


AP editors will announce today (via Twitter) that its style now prefers email to e-mail. Lose a hyphen, gain a second a few times a day. Thanks to the AP.