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Game Changers

July 26, 2010


Club Car president and CEO Gary Michel says golf needs an innovation revolution and suggested that the executives of the industry’s major course ownership groups are the ones to lead it. He calls them the “game changers.” “The golf industry looks to the people in this room as its game-changers,” Michel told a group of […]

Spin This

July 22, 2010


Some things you just can’t spin. Oil mixed with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that sticks to the feathers of wildlife and gets deep into the craw of hardworking Gulf Coast residents is one of those things. BP has now figured out that much. This crisis in the Gulf reminds me of the […]

Caddie Master

July 13, 2010


I asked Colin Dalgleish, co-founder of PerryGolf and a former Walker Cup captain and player, for some advice for Americans playing St. Andrews for the first time. Here are a few of his tips, starting with this one:  Invest a few pounds in a caddie.  And then listen to what he has to say. “Make […]

Grizzard Was Caddie’s Nightmare

July 8, 2010


PerryGolf president Gordon Dalgleish reminds me of this line from my former boss, the irrepressible newspaperman turned southern humorist Lewis Grizzard. “It was on the 17th hole at Nairn in the north of Scotland,” Gordon recalls. “Grizzard hits another bad shot and in his frustration exclaims to the caddie, “You could be the worst caddie […]

‘Poodles Don’t Fly’

July 6, 2010


I was searching for a good reason to write a blog. Lord knows, no one asked for this. Then, after I sent a note to Golf World writer Jim Moriarty, thanking him for his well-chosen words and deftly delivered accounts of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, I found my blog’s raison d’etre. In my […]